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Hypnotherapy news collated on 28 Nov 2014

news collated by the hypnotherapy dundee practice

A few things in the world of hypnotherapy that have caught our eyes this week, which you might find of interest…


Hypnotherapy Comes Strictly

We were interested to see that Mark Wright – one of the dancers on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show – is going to use hypnotherapy to combat the anxiety attacks he’s been having on the show.

Mark has spoken about a lot of the feelings – “I feel sick all week with nerves, then I see my family in the audience and all the emotions come out.” – that most sufferers are only too aware of.


200kgs Is A Massive Drop

Much is often made of the weight loss benefits that can be gained from hypnotherapy sessions.

However, this story from Australia really gobsmacked us.  Where 44 year old Jordan Tirekidis lost an incredible 200kgs without undergoing any surgery.  A massive life changing event.


The Way To Change

On the mental and emotional side of things, we were very pleased to read this article with Mary Paleologo, where she takes head on, the usual negative connotations that some people, and especially the media, can take when hearing the word ‘hypnotherapy’.

The article then goes on to explain the many benefits that can be gained from the practice, and the way in which people’s lives and internal thinking can be radically shifted.



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