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Hypnotherapy news collated on 1 July 2015

Hypnotherapy news collated on 1 July 2015 post image

A few things in the world of hypnotherapy that have caught our eyes this week, which you might find of interest…


Conception after 5 miscarriages

We enjoyed reading this article in Best, as it covered the heartening tale of Leah Elliot finally giving birth of her gorgeous son Joseph, after a devastating tale of miscarriages.

In the article, Leah tells in her own words how the power of hypnotherapy gave her the chance to fully relax and allow the process of fertility to work its wonders in her system.

A lovely tale with heart-tugging pictures of little Joseph.


Creative Changes

Another great article espousing the wonders of hypnotherapy, was shared with us recently from the state of Washington.

In the Sequim Gazette, hypnotherapist Pat Coughlin Mawson promotes the benefits of hypnotherapy in rewiring and drawing upon the power of the subconscious mind.

In amongst all the normal chat about weight loss, smoking cessation, surgery pain, and so on, we were delighted to see some of Pat’s thoughts that we thoroughly agree on, such as the simplified belief of “nothing more than relaxation and repetition” and her noble promise that “she doesn’t put her own words in clients’ mouths”.

Couldn’t agree more, Pat! 🙂



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