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Hypnotherapy news collated on 01 Oct 2014

news collated by the hypnotherapy dundee practice

A few things in the world of hypnotherapy that have caught our eyes this week, which you might find of interest…


Using Hypnosis as a tool for diagnosis

Really enjoyed this article in the New Indian Express.

The article lists the many things that hypnosis can be used to treat, it also answers a number of frequently asked questions, and it nicely confirms that hypnosis is “can be referred to as a tool that not only is simple in nature, but also natural as there are no medications of chemicals injected to initiate the process.”

Really liked that summation.



Not Just a Parlour Trick Anymore

Short read in the Times Free Press where the author lists the many areas and benefits that hypnotherapy can attend to.

It also covers a few scientific reports “including ones done by the University of Florida and the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, showed the pregnant women who used hypnosis had shorter and easier labor, needed less pain medication and suffered lower incidents of post-partum depression.”


If only all employers did likewise

Thoroughly delighted to read this article in Jersey Isle News, detailing how State Street employees in The Channel Islands enjoyed something in September that surely EVERY employee in the world would benefit from.

Get this – a Wellness Month – “a month long programme of events, talks and activities focusing on physical and mental wellbeing.”

One can only imagine the exponential benefits that individuals, groups of employees, and the world as a whole could feel if this kind of activity was copied ever wider.


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