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Hypnotherapy Scotland | Hypnotherapy Dundee: What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a guided treatment occurring in a safe environment induced by a fully qualified and experienced practitioner whilst the client is in the temporary psychological state of hypnosis. During hypnosis the mind and body are fully relaxed, however, this is not a state of sleep but is experienced with feelings of being at peace with an aware and awakened mind in which the client participates.

Hypnotherapy provides you with both the space and time to help you address any difficulties you may be experiencing at this time, whether they be from a recent event or something very deep seated which you have been grappling with for a very long time. People come to seek help from hypnotherapy for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you are struggling to give up a self destructive habit such as smoking or drinking alcohol or suffer social phobias and insecurities such as low self esteem or anxiety. You may be highly stressed or be in physical pain from an injury or illness or find yourself at an impasse questioning your life’s purpose.

Whatever your needs hypnotherapy is an excellent, safe, positive and therapeutic way to help you overcome and/or release and ease that which is holding you back or preventing you from living the life you would like to create for yourself, therefore enabling you to manifest effective and desirable changes and apply them to your life.