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Hypnotherapy Scotland | Hypnotherapy Dundee: Treat Stress with Hypnotherapy

We live in a fast paced and demanding world. Families today range from single parent mothers or fathers who are unemployed as they are looking after their young children to the best of their ability or employed and juggling work with familial responsibility. There are two parent families who have many children whilst both working and ensuring their children attend their extra curricular activities beyond school. These are just a couple of examples of the modern family unit of today. There is no standard and although some people have a social network who provide a helping hand other people do not have this.

Stress is experienced as prolonged pressure or a high degree of pressure which the individual feels, this exists not only through the world in which we live, but can stem from career, social expectations, situations and environments and traumatic events. Some of the symptoms of stress include feelings of not being able to cope, not being able to sleep, anger, feelings of restlessness and nail biting. If left unattended over a long period of time the person is at risk from heart attack or stroke. Advanced hypnotherapy really makes a difference in being able to deal with anxiety and stress-related symptoms in a brief and focused way compared to traditional counselling or ‘talk therapy’. The main difference being that hypnosis helps you address the subconscious root of the problem directly in a few sessions.

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