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Hypnotherapy Scotland | Hypnotherapy Dundee: Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives Regression

World Religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism have teachings on reincarnation. The Egyptians believed in the transmigration of the soul, Pythagoras the Greek Mathematician & Philosopher believed in reincarnation. Films like What dreams may come, Birth and The Fountain all have exploratory narratives in the realm of past lives or the continuance of life after death. This Morning and Oprah have featured segments on the topic and songs like Stevie Wonders’ Higher Ground are infused with the lyrics “I’m so darn glad he let me try it again Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin I’m so glad that I know more than I knew thenGonna keep on tryin’ Till I reach the highest ground”.

From ancient wisdom to modern popular culture this is an enduring and timeless mystery. This technique is highly effective if the root cause of a problem in this lifetime stems from a previous incarnation. A thoroughly fascinating experience using hypnotic age regression techniques for Past Life Regression, often revealing very interesting facts about lives you have lived before. Sometimes there are specific details you can check and emotional or physical symptoms (especially ones that do not respond to other treatments) can have their origins in a past life.

Life Between Lives. I have specialised training in helping you to regress to this very special period. If you have past life, then this period is the transition point and has great spiritual and emotional significance. Find out what effect decisions and perceptions of this special time has had and continues to have on your present life.

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