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Hypnotherapy news collated on 5th Jun 2014

news collated by the hypnotherapy dundee practice

A few things in the world of hypnotherapy that have caught our eyes this week, which you might find of interest…

New Hypnotherapy Book Released

A new book released at the end of May caught the eye of many involved in hypnotherapy.

The book – “The Chi of Change” – by British hypnotherapist Peter Field, has received many positive reviews for people to understand the power of hypnotherapy in overcoming many of life’s challenges and frustrations.

All of our own clients and readers will be very well aware of how the incredible power of the subconscious mind can be tapped into.

Several expert reviewers have already praised the book as being impressive, so it sounds like one to add to the bookcase.


Shy Girl to Confident Model

The Daily Mail newspaper recently carried an encouraging story of how a young woman was crippled with high levels of fear and anxiety, causing her to be almost constantly housebound, and yet through the use of hypnosis has now transformed into a confident young woman.

Not only has she thrown off the shackles of fearing to go outside and be in public, but she’s been able to travel to the other extreme, and actually become brave enough to become a successful lingerie model!


Getting Over a Breakup

Can’t stop thinking about them.  Grieving over the loss of the relationship.  Going over and over in your mind about the “what ifs”.

The pain and emotion of a relationship breakup is a very real incarnation of pain and challenge that all people have to feel at some point in their lives.

This article in The Bustle offers up the hope of hypnotherapy being able to lessen the pain, and to actually help the client through the whole grieving process in a very empowering and positive fashion.

Not a case of numbing or ignoring the very real pain, but actually using tools and processes to delve inside the situation and work through it openly, honestly and comfortably.



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