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Hypnotherapy news collated on 10th Jun 2014

news collated by the hypnotherapy dundee practice

A few things in the world of hypnotherapy that have caught our eyes this week, which you might find of interest…

Jennifer Aniston turns to hypnotherapy again

Celebrity actress is no stranger to the powers and benefits of hypnotherapy.

Coming face-to-face with her ex Brad Pitt at the impending wedding of George Clooney, has allegedly seen the star becoming more and more anxious about how she’ll cope with the meeting since their divorce.

And this fear has led her to seek a Confidence Coach, and to use hypnotherapy to boost her self-esteem.


Northern Ireland’s only Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner

We came across this fascinating article on Mary McCallan.

Mary is a midwife at Altnagelvin Hospital, and has been using her Pregnancy Relaxation Class to bring comfort and calm to many grateful mothers.

She became Ireland’s first fully qualified practitioner; all starting from trying it out herself with her own child.

Well done to Mary for the service she’s providing!


Hypnosis Improved Sleep

Sleep is the most underrated, and yet most critical, component of our health and well being.

It’s a subject of much fascination and tweaks and changes to heighten and improve.

It’s been known for a long time now that hypnosis can greatly improve the quality of this health giving elixir, and now more and more scientific evidence is backing this up.

The journal Sleep has recently published medical research data, from a team in the States led by a top Swiss biopsychologist, which has shown the benefits of SWS (slow wave sleep) induced by hypnosis.

Happy dreams!



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